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NY Strip Steak (1 lb./ 16 oz.)

NY Strip Steak (1 lb./ 16 oz.)

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Introducing our premium NY Strip Steak, a true delight for all meat enthusiasts! Each succulent piece weighs approximately 1 lb. or 16 oz., providing you with a generous portion of mouthwatering goodness. Capture the essence of fine dining right in your own kitchen with our top-quality steak.

Sourced from the finest cattle, this NY Strip Steak is known for its exceptional tenderness and rich flavor. Its marbling ensures a juicy and flavorful bite, while the expertly trimmed edges make it a breeze to prepare. The product image showcases the sheer perfection of our NY Strip Steak.

Against a sleek background, the meat takes center stage, inviting you to savor its irresistible qualities. The stunning photography by eitan schiller captures the essence of this culinary masterpiece, leaving you hungry for more.

Whether you're planning a special dinner party, treating yourself, or simply looking to elevate your everyday meals, our NY Strip Steak is the ultimate choice.

Its versatility allows you to embrace your culinary creativity, whether you prefer a sizzling pan-seared steak, a tender grilled masterpiece, or a mouthwatering oven roast. In the competitive world of the food industry, our NY Strip Steak stands out as a premium offering.

*Disclaimer: Image is an example cut. Actual product will vary.

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